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Amiens 162 D, f. 124v »Sedentem in superne« 1v

Notation: Entered by Hand B in chant notation on staff system 3 in yellow-brown ink with initials in red ink. The scribe forgot to copy the music and text for the 2nd line, therefore the line “Adorant humilime proclamantes ad te” was added in red ink above the beginning of the first staff.

Edition: Amiens 162 Edition no. 25 (PDF).

Text: Sequence / trope, AH 10, pp. 56-57, “Prosa Dominicalis”; AH 47, p. 298, trope for “Gloria in excelsis” (many sources in Northern France, in Reims, Amiens, Cambrai); RH 18776; Hofmann-Brandt 1971, nr. 604, trope for among others the responsories “Centum quadraginta” and “Hic est advenit”, and for “Gloria in excelsis”, many sources, see further Hofmann-Brandt 1971, Vol. II, pp. 119-220.

[1a] Sedentem in superne magestratis arce
[1b] Adorant humilime proclamantes ad te

[2a] Quem illis undeviginti quinque
[2b] Sanctus, sanctus, Sanctus, Sabaoth rex

[3a] Plena sunt omnia glorie tue
[3b] Atque cum Innocentissimo Girge

[4a] Qui sine ulla sunt labe
[4b] Clamantes exelsa voce:

[5] Laus tibi sit domine rex eterne Glorie.


Monophonic sequence or trope in the form Aa Bb’ Cc Dd a’.

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