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Songs for funerals and intercession

A collection of polyphony for the confraternity of St Barbara at the Corbie Abbey. Amiens, Bibliothèque Centrale Louis Aragon, MS 162 D

Edited by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen



Five tropes or verses for “Libera me”

1 Bone Ihesu dulcis cunctis a 3, ff. 2v-10

Bone Jesu dulcis cunctis a 2, Paris Bibliothèque Nationale, ms. lat 10581. ff. 89v-101

2 Lugentibus in purgatorio a 3, ff. 10v-13

Lugentibus in purgatorio a 2,
Grand-Saint-Bernard, Bibliothèque de l’Hospice, Ms. 7, ff. 60v-63v, and
Tübingen, Universitätsbibliothek, MS Mk 96, ff. 55v-57

Lugentibus in purgatorio a 2 (a 3), Lyon, Bibliothèque de la Ville, ms. 6632, f. 12

Kirie – Langentibus in purgatorio a 2, Uppsala, Universitetsbiblioteket,
Musik in Handskrift 76a, ff. 68v-73

3 Quando deus filius virginis a 2, ff. 13v-16

Quando deus filius virgini a 1, Grand-Saint-Bernard, Bibliothèque de l’Hospice, Ms. 7,
ff. 73v-74v

4 Creator omnium rerum deus a 3, ff. 16v-17v

5 Juxta corpus spiritus stetit a 3, ff. 18v-28

Justa corpus spiritus stetit a 2,
Grand-Saint-Bernard, Bibliothèque de l’Hospice, Ms. 6, pp. 208-223. and
Tübingen, Universitätsbibliothek, MS Mk 96, ff. 13v-16v + 10

Four sequences, a trope, and Credo

6 Virgini Marie laudes a 2, ff. 28v-30

7 Stabat mater dolorosa a 2, ff. 30v-35

7b Erasures in Stabat mater dolorosa

8 Veni sancte spiritus a 2, ff. 35v-37

9 Veneremur virginem a 2, ff. 37v-41

10 Sospitati dedit egros olei a 2, ff. 41v-42

11 Credo in unum deum a 2, ff. 121v-124

11b Erasures in Credo in unum deum


12 O miranda dei caritas / Kyrie [Anonymous] a 3, ff. 123v-124

13 O salutaris hostia a 3, f. 1v

Small additions, canons and Kyrie

14 Ecce quam bonum a 1-2 (canon a 4), f. 116v

15 Micael, Gabriel, Raphael a 1 (canon a 3) & Kirie eleyson a 1 (a 3), f. 45v

Compositions in mensural notation

16 Bone Jesu dulcissime [Gascongne] a 4 , ff. 40v-41

17 Without text (erased) a 4, f. 117

18 Without text (fragment) a 4, f. 121

19 Le grant pena que io sento [Anonymous] a 3, f. 1

20 Da pacem, domine [Alexander Agricola] a 3, f. 2

21 Parce, domine, populo tuo [Jacob Obrecht] a 3, f. 18

22 Dulcis amica dei [Prioris] a 3, f. 117v


23 In primis vesperis beata Barbare martire (1st & 2nd Vespers)

24 Missa de Sancta Katharina (Alleluya & Sequence)

25 Sedentem in superne (Sequence)