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Amiens 162 D, ff. 55-112v Missale (14th century, incomplete)

14th century missal from Corbie; carefully copied in two columns with initials (lettres filigranées) decorated in red and blue; the writing is a clear, tightly spaced formal textura. Changes and additions from the early sixteenth century (see below ff. 68 and 85), among these is a bifolio, which has been inserted into the middle of a fascicle (fascicle 9a) containing two pictures, two masses and the Clamor.

ff. 55-55v In vigilia nativitatis domini
ff. 55v-57v In die nativitatis domini
ff. 57v-59 In epiphania domini
ff. 59-60 In vigilia pasche
ff. 60-61 In die pasche
ff. 61-62v In die ascensione
ff. 62v-64 In die pentecost
ff. 64-66 de sancta trinitatis
ff. 66-66v de sancta cruce
ff. 66v-68 de sancta maria
f. 68 de sancto petro et paulo
f. 68 Right column, below the postcommunio belonging to the mass above, the text of the column has been erased, and in its place is copied “Alleluya. Per dei genitrix” and “Preter rerum seriem”, by the same hand as found in the preceding younger missal.
  [Votive masses]
f. 68v de omnibus sanctis
ff. 68v-69 pro prelatis - subditis
f. 69 pro pace
ff. 69-69v pro familiaribus
f. 69v pro fulgare et tempestate
ff. 69v-70 ad pluviam postulandi
f. 70 pro sancto vitato
  contra iudicium male agendit
ff. 70-70v pro quicumque tribulatione
f. 70v pro iter agentibus
ff. 70v-71 pro semetempo
ff. 71-71v contra malas copitatones
f. 71v pro peccatis
  pro apostolico
ff. 71x-72 pro rege nostro
f. 72 sancta sapiencia
ff. 72-72v de caritate
f. 73v ad gratiam sancti Spiritus postulandam
ff. 72v-75 pro subsidio
ff. 73-74v [Inserted bifolio, early 16th century]
f. 73 [Pro] regis catholici contra turcos
  Pro subsidio christianorum contra turcos
f. 73v-74 Two full page paintings, The Crucifixion and Christ enthroned
f. 74v [Clamor] “Letatus sum”; “Kyrieleyson”; “Pater noster”; “Domine salvos fac reges”; “Salvum fac populum”; “Fiat pax”; “Domine exaudi”; “Dominus vobiscum”; “Ecclesie tue”; “Hostium nostrorum”; “Deus a quo sancta desideria”.
f. 75 de apostolis perfacio
  [Ordo missae]
ff. 75-75v [Prefatio] “Per omnia secula”
ff. 75v-78v [Canon] “Te igitur”
f. 78v Pro fidelibus defunctis
f. 79 In anniversario
  [Votive masses]
  pro apostolico
ff. 79-79v pro fundatoribus loci
f. 79v pro fratribus nostra conosgat
f. 80 pro feminis
  pro consanguincis
ff. 80-80v pro in cementerio requiescunt
ff. 80v-81 pro penitentiam desiderantibus
f. 81 pro vivus fidelius defunctis
  [Proprium sanctorum]
ff. 81-81v missa Generalis
ff. 81v-82 missa generalis
ff. 82-82v missa generalis
ff. 82v-85 (lessons)
f. 85 Pro patre et matre (an earlier item has been erased and replaced by this (except for two decorated initials) by the same hand as in the preceding younger missal)
ff. 85-86v In purificatione sancte marie
ff. 86v-88 In annuntiatione domine
ff. 88-89v In die sancta iohannes baptista
ff. 89v-91 In vigilia apostolorum petri et pauli
ff. 91-92v In die sancti petri
ff. 92v-93v In die sancti laurentii martyris
ff. 93v-94v Vigilia sancte marie
ff. 94v-95v In assumptione sancte marie
ff. 95v-97 In nativitate sancte marie
ff. 97-98v De sancto michaele
ff. 98v-99v In vigilia omnia sanctorum
ff. 99v-100v In die ad missam
ff. 100v-101 de sancto martino
  [Commune sanctorum]
ff. 101-102 unius apostoli
ff. 102-104 plurimorum apostolorum
ff. 104-105 de evangelistis
ff. 105-107 unius martyris
ff. 107-109v plurimorum martyria
ff. 109v-111v unius confessor pont.
ff. 111v-112v plurimorum virginum (incomplete)
  (four folios missing)

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