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MS Florence 2794


Amiens, Bibliothèque Centrale Louis Aragon, MS 162 D

Components and contents of the reconstructed manuscript

I  A single folio (probably half of a bifolio originally wrapped around the music collection) at present glued to fasc. 1; along thespine of the MS is a fragmentary description of the MS in Latin)

 *f. 1, »Le grant pena que io sento« 3v [Anonymous]  Hand D

 *f. 1v, »O salutaris hostia« 3v  Hand D

II  Fragment of missal (early 16th century; fasc. 7)

ff. 46-54v, last part of Proprium sanctorum

III  Missal (14th century; fasc. 8-12)

ff. 55-112v, Temporale, Ordo missae, Proprium sanctorum, Commune sanctorum (two leaves have been torn out at the end)

IIIa  A bifolio inserted in the middle of Fasc. 9
ff. 72bis/73-74v, two full-page pictures (late 15th c.), two masses [Pro] regis catholici contra turcos and Pro subsidio christianorum contra turcos (f. 72bis-73), and the Holy Land Clamor, Letatus sum ... (f. 74). F. 72bis is a scrap of parchment glued to f. 73.

IV  Music collection consisting of two main sections

1) Tonary and plainchant (fasc. 13-14)

  ff. 113-116v, Tonary (incomplete, 2nd-8th tones + peregrinus) 1v  Hand B

 *f. 116v, »Ecce quam bonum« 2v & 4v (kanon)  Hand C

 *f. 117, Without text 4v (erased)  Hand D

  f. 117, Unreadable text 1v (erased)  Hand ?

  f. 117, »Surgite, vigilemus. [V]enite exul[temus]«  Hand ?

 *f. 117v, »Dulcis amica dei« 3v [Prioris]  Hand D

*ff. 118-121, Missa de Sancta Katharina 1v (cantus planus)  Hand C

 *f. 121, Without text (fragment) 4v  Hand D

*ff. 121v-124, »Credo in unum deum« 2v  Hand C

*ff. 123v-124, »O miranda dei caritas / Kyrie eleyson« 3v [Anonymous]  Hand B

 *f. 124v, »Sedentem in superne« 1v (cantus planus)  Hand B

2) Polyphony, fasc. 1-4, music for funerals and commemoration; fasc. 5-6, sequences and officium

 *f. 2, »Da pacem, domine« 3v [Agricola]  Hand D

*ff. 2v-10, »Bone Ihesu dulcis cunctis« 3v (8 stanzas)  Hand A

*ff. 10v-13, »Lugentibus in purgatorio« 3v (3 stanzas)  Hand A

*ff. 13v-16, »Quando deus filius virginis« 2v (3 stanzas)  Hand A

 *f. 16v-17v, »Creator omnium rerum deus« 3v  Hand A

 *f. 18, »Parce domine, populo tuo« 3v [Obrecht]  Hand D

*ff. 18v-28, »Juxta corpus spiritus stetit« 3v (10 stanzas)  Hand A

*ff. 28v-30, »Virgini Marie laudes intonant christiani« 2v (sequence)  Hand B

*ff. 30v-35, »Stabat mater dolorosa« 2v (sequence)  Hand A

*ff. 35v-37, »Veni sancte spiritus« 2v (sequence)  Hand B

*ff. 37v-41, »Veneremur virginem« 2v (sequence)  Hand B

*ff. 40v-41, »Bone Jesu dulcissime« 4v [Gascongne]  Hand B

*ff. 41v-42, »Sospitati dedit egros olei perfusio« 2v (prosula)  Hand B

*ff. 42v-45v, »In primis vesperis beata Barbare martire« (cantus planus)   Hand C

 *f. 45v, »Michael, Gabriel, Raphael« 1v [canon 3v?]  Hand C

 *f. 45v, »Kirie eleyson« 1v [3v?]  Hand ?